domingo, 4 de outubro de 2009

Could Be True, Ahn!?

Postado originalmente em 19/01/2006 05:04

All right... I don't believe in horoscope and things like these... But this one could be true, ahn!?... It would be perfect...
Well, the things about the last year are correct. No mistakes... What about 2006? Hope it's correct again (LOL).
I'd seen these predictions in English, so I´ve decided to write everything in English too...
That's what I read about me:
"Capricorn: You began working hard to achieve your professional goals around late summer, 2005. While you don't usually enjoy being in the spotlight, you'd better try to get used to it, because it will be just about impossible to avoid this year. You are an inspiration to everyone around you. You will also have PLENTY OF ROMANTIC OPPORTUNITIES THIS YEAR, specially from April to August."

Wow... I have a dream... (LOL)

(19/01/2006 15:01) Luca: Ai quént ispiqui inglixi!

Traduz pra mim? :P (deletar)

(19/01/2006 17:10) Cello: besta! hehe...

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